About VRAM

Vram FX is a NY based "virtual" studio specializing in visual effects for feature film and television. Founded in 2008, Vram employs seasoned professionals from all over the world to tackle any problem that may arise in the FX production pipeline. We can act as your front line effects studio, helping you scale up to take on jobs that might otherwise not seem feasible, or we can do the behind the scenes work that allows you to better utilize the talent on hand. Either way Vram wants to be a part of your creative process and help create groundbreaking content in this fast moving, ever changing industry.

Gavin Guerra Founder / VFX Supervisor

Gavin has been creating award winning visual FX for over 25 years. His experience ranges from movies and TV to video games, theater and medical simulation. As a visual effects supervisor Gavin has a wide range of tools at his disposal, not least of which is the critical eye that he brings to every project. His broad experience enables him to lead teams of various sizes and diverse disciplines. Having developed good working relationships with clients and artists world wide, Gavin is uniquely qualified to bring great talent to any project and create a level of comfort and trust to both artist and client alike.

Santosh Gunaseelan CEO / Managing Partner

Santosh is that rare and valuable combination of an advanced programmer with an artistic flare. Born and raised in India, he came to the U.S. to put his skills as a programmer to use while pursuing his passion for visual effects. After graduating with a masters degree in digital imaging, Santosh has been in constant demand as a technical director in the NY market. Specializing in physical simulations (particles, fluids, cloth, etc.), Santosh is eager to tackle problems that most TD's shudder at.